Whether you are an experienced keyboard player who performs regularly, or if you play at home or are just starting out, you will find accessories for the keyboard are a must-have. Keyboard accessories will nix your worries about disturbing neighbors while you play to making sure that you’re as comfortable as can be. Let’s take a look at the 5 keyboard must haves that should be on every player’s shopping list. Stool Out of all the accessories for the keyboard, this may very well be the most important. Having a stool also makes using two pedals simultaneously much easier. Actually being comfortable when you play not only puts you in the right mindset to jam, but makes long sessions less of a chore. Keyboard accessories like a stool are important, simply because you’re going to want a comfortable place to sit while you play. This keyboard bench comes with a flip-top seat. Not only can you play comfortably for hours, but the flip tops allows you plenty of space to store other accessories, music books or anything else you need. Headphone Headphones are one of the main essentials when buying a keyboard. They are usually compatible with all keyboards and offer you the option to practice silently. Headphones can be crucial when you are living in a busy environment where you are struggling to concentrate, if you like to practice late at night when others are asleep, or, if you simply just want to have more of a private session. It’s important to keep in mind that poor quality headphones can distort the sound quality of your digital piano while top quality ones allow you to hear the piano sound as it is. Therefore, don’t hold back when buying headphones.

Sustain Pedal

If you are a true beginner to the keyboards, this might not be entirely necessary. However as soon as you become comfortable enough, you’ll fall in love with keyboard accessories like the sustain pedal. This accessory will allow you to link notes and chords that are positioned at larger intervals. This grants you smooth jumps and gives certain sounds the chance to resonate and fade out. The sustain pedal grants you more control. There are all kinds of pedals to choose from. It all depends on your budget and how mobile you plan to make your keyboard.  If you are not planning to take your keyboard on the go a lot, you can go for a pedal board with 3 pedals for a more permanent fix, just like an acoustic piano. But make sure your keyboard has a matching wooden stand available and it is compatible with the pedal board to fix it all together.


Stands will guarantee that your keyboard is at the perfect height for you. There are many different stands available. All of them range from adjustable heights to fixed. Adjustable heights are ideal if the keyboard will be used by several different players, particularly if you’re sharing with young children. It’s also good to think about mobility, if you’ll be moving the keyboard a lot. X-style stands are usually the most popular and versatile option, as they are usually adjustable and suitable for most keyboards. If you are looking for a more permanent fix, you can either go for lightweight, portable stands or more traditional wooden stands that attach to your keyboard. Just make sure your instrument is compatible with the particular stand.

Keyboard Bags

Worried about dust, grime and damage to your keyboard? Keyboard bags are the perfect keyboard accessory for protecting against any external harm that could come your instrument’s way. For musicians on the go, the keyboard bag is an absolute must. It’s just not a good idea to have your keyboard exposed during transit on buses and subways. That’s not to say that musicians who keep their keyboards in the home shouldn’t have a bag as well. Having your keyboard in a bag after each session, protects it from collecting dust. I hope you find this article helpful, please stay tuned for our next articles.