There are many SAX mouthpieces on the market, though some may share the same model number, they do not product the same tone, for example, if you are comfortable with an Otto Link Alto 6, you may not find that every other #6 works the same for you. So, it is important to know the facing length rather than manufacture red model to decide on the right mouthpiece, especially when you change brands, below we have created 4 charts — alto, soprano, baritone and tenor mouthpiece charts showing some of the most popular mouthpiece makes and their tip openings or facings. ***Tip opening definition: The Saxophone Mouthpiece (and Clarinet Mouthpiece) Tip Size, or Tip-Opening, is the distance between the reed and mouthpiece tip. This number is usually on the side of the mouthpiece body, or on the table.  The smaller the tip size the more narrow the opening; the larger the tip size the larger the opening.