Because it is small and easy to play, many people tend to view Ukulele as a toy rather than serious musical instrument, which is a big NO NO misconception, ukulele is in the same string family with guitar, violin, cello, bass, etc. How come it only receives such little care and attention compare with its bigger brothers? If you love your ukulele, you will definitely think about going for a gig bag that lasts long and has a good effect both visually and durability wise with your ukulele. In this article, we have listed 10 best Ukulele gig bags that would make your ukulele stronger and happier!

Cordoba Deluxe Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag

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If you need an extra protection for comfort and ease of use, the gig bag has heavy-duty water resistant nylon denier with thick foam padding. Fits all Cordoba tenor  and tenor cutaway ukuleles, plus the Cordoba Guilele and Guilele CE. It will also fit ukuleles that measure approximately 173mm (6.7″) at the upper bout, 231mm (9.1″) at lower bout, and 673mm (26.5″) in total length.


ChromaCast Ukulele Padded Bag

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Many people love having exterior pockets to their cases, so that they are able to store small but important items which should be in reach. If you are part of this group of people, then you’ll love this ukulele case. Made to fit any ukulele type and size, this padded bag features to external pockets of different dimensions, giving you all the extra storage space you need.


Gator Cases Pro Go Series Gig Bag

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The Gator Cases G-PG-UKE-TEN, Pro Go Series Tenor Ukulele gig-bag is the perfect choice for top of the line gig-bag protection at an affordable price. The extra durable nylon exterior provides ultimate protection against the elements. The exterior includes a large external front pocket for strings, picks, cables, and other accessories. The interior lines with a white, ultra-soft micro-fleece lining.


MUSIC FIRST 21″ Soprano Ukulele Bag Gig 

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With three size options along with three different colors, there are enough reasons for you to check this product out. The brand name is Music First and the product has always received amazing feedback from the customers.

The size options will start from 21 inch Soprano and it will go up to 26 inch Tenor. The quality is outstanding and the feel is nice too which is even more important than the size itself.


Ibanez IUBC541 Concert Ukulele Gig Bag

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This safe, stylish and smartly-designed gig bag will keep your precious instrument protected. With its padded bottom and sidewall, the Ibanez POWERPAD gig bag safely protects your gear from bumps or scratches that can happen while you’re hustling to your next show or session. With its handsome design, matched color heavyweight zippers, the POWERPAD 541 Ukulele bag will never get lost in a sea of plain black canvas gig bags.


Carrion Hardshell Soprano Ukulele Case

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A hardshell ukulele case that looks good, is durable, and affordable can be just what you are looking for if you need more protection for your instrument. Each Carrion Black Hardshell case is designed to withstand the rigors and stresses of regular transport owing to its impressive features that make the case tough.

As such, the Carrion Black Hardshell Soprano Ukulele Case is a worthy investment for anyone looking to move on to a better ukulele case. The interior is plush and padded and has a small interior accessory pocket for your sheet music, strings, and anything that you would need to keep close by.


Hola! Heavy Duty SOPRANO Ukulele Gig Bag

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The Hola! Heavy Duty SOPRANO Ukulele Gig Bag is a great gig bag because it is not made from cheap material, which ensures that your ukulele is not only protected but also that your bag serves you for years to come.

The interior has soft fabric that makes certain that your valuable instrument does not get any scratches or dents. Because of its small size, the Hola bag is also very easy to transport, which is ideal if you have to move from place to place.


Crossrock Concert Ukulele Case Hard shell

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This is a concert ukulele type of case which is primarily designed to give comfort and proper storage case for your ukulele. It has one latch which can be completely locked. This gives your ukulele a safe and very convenient storage place right after its use.

This case has multi-layer wooden shell with deluxe tweed vinyl covered exterior which is anti-scratch.


YMC Soprano Ukulele Hard-shell Case 

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This is a ukulele case that has a rather sophisticated and elegant design. Made to fit soprano ukulele, the case comes in classic black with a plush interior, for extra protection and a fine appearance. The exterior is a hard shell made out of wood that will safely protect the ukulele against any hits that may occur during transportation, so you can definitely rely on the sturdiness of this product.