PA stands for public address, so- because traditionally the PA speaker system is used to guarantee loud and clear voices are heard. This is also the main feature of the kind of PA music that will grace a stage in a pub corner ; drums can be noisy and guitarists have amps, but the poor singer still needs to be heard about it all.

As you might expect, the best PA speaker systems come in all shapes and sizes, what we are looking at is a range of easily-portable mobile PA systems that would suit solo buskers, small ensembles who perhaps make use of backing tracks, or band playing in small venues. Here we have listed 9 best mobile PA systems currently on the market. Check out the specs and features, and get ready to make some noise..

Roland Cube Street EX

Portable and battery-powered, Roland’s Cube Street EX PA speaker system features four independent channels for connecting a variety of mics and instruments, including iPhone or iPad to play backing music, but seems particularly aimed at busking guitar players with its modelled COSM amp sounds – Clean, Crunch, Lead and acoustic simulator options for electric guitar and a preamp for electro-acoustics. There’s also a tuner, 3-band EQ, reverb and a choice of chorus or delay.

A 50W setting offers maximum output but there are also quieter 25W and 10W output power modes, saving on battery power. There’s also iPhone/iPad recording via i-CUBE LINK and the free CUBE JAM app.


Fender Passport Conference PA Speaker System

The Fender Passport Conference mixer takes a total of 4 inputs, 3 mic/line inputs, and one stereo input. Each of these inputs has separate volume and tone to give you absolute control over each channel. The 3 mic/line inputs also include a 20dB pad. A pad is a simple button allowing you to attenuate a channel. In this case, the pad reduces the input level by 20dB. This is useful if the signal you are getting into the channel is excessively high.

Each mic/line input allows for XLR or ¼ inch input. The stereo channel has dual ¼ inch inputs or a single ⅛ inch AUX input. There is also a ¼ inch headphone output with separate volume control. At the top of the mixer is a master volume. Everything is neatly laid out, the rotary knobs are large and easy to reach with no clutter to distract you.


ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable PA Speaker

ION Audio was born in 2003 with the motto of excelling the audio experience no matter what the barriers are. Today ION audio is ruling worldwide with new and best quality audio products to energize your entertainment hours. This state of the art company believes that audio products should be easy to use and affordable for all.

This PA system packs all the good in one portable yet fashionable manner. If you plan to use the Bluetooth feature, ION Audio has a connectivity range for up to 100 feet away. With up to 50 hours of continuous entertainment on a full charge, it also includes a USB port so you can provide that juice to your devices along the way. Apart from all best features, this box is built to be tough as it is crafted with reinforced corners to handle all bumps and humps.


Yamaha STAGEPAS 400I Portable PA System

The very latest compact PA from Yamaha is the most traditional of all the compact best PA speaker systems we are looking at, as it consists of a separate powered mixer and two passive speakers – the detachable mixer slotting into the back of one speaker for transport.

Capable of delivering 400 watts, it has eight channels, making it suitable for a band that features several vocals, with channels to spare for DI’d instruments and perhaps a drum mic or two (maybe to give the kick drum some punch). It’s also equipped with a Bluetooth input for wireless audio streaming from smartphones or tablets. Monitor and subwoofer outputs allow expandability.


Mackie FreePlay LIVE 150W 2ch Personal PA System 

With an easily-portable ghetto blaster size and rechargeable battery, the FreePlay Live PA speaker system gives you the chance to plug in and play music anywhere (or not plug in if you choose to stream music to it via Bluetooth). Just sit it on a table or on a mic stand using its included adapter. Two channels deliver amplification for an instrument and a voice.

A master EQ has push-button selected presets for ‘Music’ or ‘Live’, and there’s also a switchable global reverb. It’s basic, but Bluetooth pairing to the free FreePlay Connect Android or iOS app offers extended control over levels and reverb plus 3-band EQ for each channel.  


Behringer Europort MPA 40BT Pro

From streaming your favorite songs through Bluetooth in the party or getting your message across the playing field Europort MPA40BT-Pro is capable of loads. Thanks to the 40W amplifier and two-way speaker this system output powerful sound. Forget about plugging this guy into a wall outlet as on a full charge you get 12 continuous hours of play time.

Behringer’s MPA 40BT Pro has a retractable handle and wheels just a like a piece of rolling luggage. It’s a very compact 40-watt system with two mic/instrument inputs and an aux input for a music player if you don’t want to stream music to it via the in-built Bluetooth. There are no effects, but you get an overall basic 2-band EQ. It’s mobile busking made easy – guitar gigbag on your back, mic stand in one hand while you pull this with the other – making it one of the best truly mobile PA speaker systems.


Hisonic HS120B Lithium Battery Rechargeable & Portable PA 

The HS120B comes with a wireless handheld microphone, lapel and headset microphone. There is only one belt back so you can only use either the lapel or headset at one time. A ¼ inch input allows for a 3rd cable microphone as well as a 4th microphone input for a ⅛ inch cable mic. The ⅛ inch cable microphone is only ever used on PCs so I’m not sure why Hisonic included this. Each input has a separate volume control and a single volume control for the wireless mics. There is also a ⅛ inch AUX input and AUX output. A ¼ inch jack out can be used to link to an external 8ohm speaker.

You can connect your laptop, old cd player or your smartphone directly to the speaker’s AUX port. With the PA System itself, you get a lavalier & headset microphone in case you don’t prefer wireless. Along with many connectivity ports, you get separate controls for tone, echo, and volume so you can set everything according to your personal preference.


LyxPro SPA-8 Compact 8″ Portable PA System

The SPA-8 has all the features you’d expect from a professional portable PA system. The first input channel allows for XLR or ¼ inch jack input with a mic/line switch. The second channel is line only and allows for ⅛ inch AUX or RCA input. Both of these inputs have separate volume controls. Other inputs include SD, USB, and Bluetooth.

Talking about the connectivity side, SP-8 has got it all that you’ll ever need, like ¼ inch jack, XLR jack, balanced RCA jack, and R/L RCA line inputs. For pro users, this PA system features an onboard EQ that helps users to shape sounds according to their personal liking. The SPA-8 is a cost-effective, versatile little speaker and would be good as part of a PA system or alone as an onstage monitor. Perfect for churches, conferencing, schools, sports teams and mobile DJs. The SPA-8 is part of a range which includes 10”, 12” and 15” models. The 12” also comes as a battery operated option.


Tyler Tailgate PA System TWS404-BK

This All-in-one suitcase is a multi-function portable amp speaker system that eliminates the hassle of carrying separate audio equipment. So where ever you go the party follows you all along the road.

Speaking about the goods locked inside, TWS404 outputs clear high, mids, and deep bass through 8-inch two-way speaker which is powered by a 60-watt dynamic amplifier built inside. Thanks to the 5 band equalizer you also hear the perfect distortionless sound. Engineers designed this PA System by keeping in mind the fact that users love connectivity options. That is why it is equipped with two ¼ “ jack inputs for microphone/guitar, one AUX port for connecting any device with a headphone jack and Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless pairing.