Accordion is such a cheerful instrument that often played with a festive spirit, it’s almost nature to start dance and swing along with accordion playing, it is that magical! They are instruments steeped deep in rich history and culture but still find its position in the modern world, in fact, many schools around the world now include accordion in their curriculum. It is easy to learn the instrument. Therefore, children and adults who want to play the instrument can soon become pro with some diligence.

In this article, we’re checking out ten of the best accordions in the market. If you are uncertain what features you should be looking at, we have included a buying guide for you as well, to help you make the purchasing decision as easy as possible.

Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion

Top 8 Best Accordions and Buying Guide
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Hohner’s panther is the most affordable three row accordion. This accordion comes in matte black and is in the key of G/C/F. It has 31 buttons, 12 bass buttons and double strap brackets. Comes with straps, cleaning cloth and Hohner Diatonic Method book. If you want an accordion that is capable of producing a rich sound that will have perfect volume and accuracy, this is the model you should decide to purchase.

When leaving town for gigs, you will find it easy to carry the accordion with you. It is sold with an excellent gig bag and even has over-the-shoulder carrying straps. As it is compact and lightweight, it will not be too much trouble to travel.

Hohner Compadre GCF Accordion, Red

Top 8 Best Accordions and Buying Guide
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The Compadre GCF Accordion is great for both beginners and experts. This accordion features 31 treble keys with 12 bass buttons. The accordion has a celluloid fingerboard with 2 sets of treble reeds for quality resonance. It has a redesigned open grille that offers better volume and crisp sound. The company has great quality control, this makes it robust and sturdy to withstand the test of time. It can bear the daily wear and tear.

This 2-voice model Compadre Accordion comes with an adjustable straps and gig bag. The gig bag is resistant to water and dust. This will keep your accordion safe from all elements. You can transport your accordion anywhere without any trouble as it is easily store away your accordion in the gig bag.

Rossetti Piano Accordion 72 Bass 34 Keys 5 Switches

Top 8 Best Accordions and Buying Guide
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It is hard to not fall in love with this accordion at first sight, the Italian-style decorations will capture your heart, and the pearlescent colors used will make you and your instrument stand out, no matter where you go for a gig.

There are 20 white keys and 14 black keys. The first key starts on G. There are 5 bass/chord rows by 12 key rows. It has all 12 key rows as well as the 7th chord row but no diminished chord row. There are single straps hooks on each side of the accordion with plenty of room for the two extra long leather padded shoulder straps. The accordion also includes an adjustable left hand strap. A custom grill design offers a beautiful touch. The accordion comes in a premium padded case with lock and logo. The case is big enough to leave the straps on.

Hohner 1305-RED Hohnica Entry Level Piano Accordion

Top 8 Best Accordions and Buying Guide
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One choice you can keep in mind for beginners is the Hohner 1305-RED. This company has a long tradition of making musical instruments, and its accordions are popular all over the world. This model is no exception, and from the very first glance it will draw your attention.

Recommended as an accordion at an entry level, it will allow you to master this easy-to-learn instrument in no time. It has 72 Bass buttons and 34 keys, the range is from G to E, and it can register five trebles wit just one repeat. Another feature on this accordion is that this model comes withe two sets of reeds and the tremolo tuning will put you in control over the music you’d like to play.

Hohner Compadre G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion – Black

Top 8 Best Accordions and Buying Guide
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Standing out in satin black, we have yet another Hohner Compadre on review. There isn’t much of a difference between both accordion models. They both sell for the same price. However, the black color of this model with a Si-Fi touch makes it even more appealing and charming.

It comes with 31 treble keys and 12 bass keys just like all the accordions we’ve seen so far. So, it’s great for all kinds of music from jazz to classical to soul. The celluloid fingerboard, and the wider, redesigned grille improves the air intake on this accordion. This, in turn, also improves sound projection. The buttons also come recessed and smooth. This is important to prevent irritation especially when you’re playing for long. Again, this accordion comes with gig bag for easy transport.

Hohner CAJUNIV 10-Key Accordion

Top 8 Best Accordions and Buying Guide
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The Hohner CAJUNIV 10-Key Accordion is a much smaller instrument than the others we’ve seen so far. But this size is perfect for certain styles of music like Zydeco and Cajun. The number of keys here also makes this accordion super convenient for beginners as well.

It has improved open key mechanism, and Cajun tuning perfect for Zydeco and Cajun style music. Smooth action give a you better sound projection and response time. Wooden casing with mother of pearl inlay. Improved open key mechanism, and Cajun tuning perfect for Zydeco and Cajun style music. Smooth action gives a you better sound projection and response time. Features: 10 Treble Keys 2 Bass Keys 4 Treble Reeds, Key of C Designed with 4 Treble Stops.

Rizatti Bronco RB31GW Diatonic Accordion 

Top 8 Best Accordions and Buying Guide
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The bronco RB31GW comes with two sets of treble reeds, 12 chord/ bass buttons, and 31 treble keys. If you travel a lot, then this accordion would be the best fit for you because it has the perfect size that can fit in any vehicle. A padded shoulder strap is included enables you to hold the accordion easily for longer time period.

The combination of the keys is GCF that produces the deep and rich sound. This accordion has a system that offers a smooth performance and operation. The keys won’t get stuck and wrong tunes will not be produced. Rizatti Bronco Accordion is the ideal choice for all levels of players is. It is also ideal for playing different genres of music such as Norteño, Vallenato, Mariachi Forró, Merengue, Cumbia, Cueca, Tejano, and Tarantella.

Hohner Accordions BR48R-N 26-Key Piano Accordion

Top 8 Best Accordions and Buying Guide
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You can tell by its price tag that this accordion is for serious players who want make playing accordion a profession rather than just a nice pastime. This is an accordion you can learn from the ground up and grow into as your skills progress. It is a great option that is both a good professional instrument that is also good for beginners. However, it is still more limited than more advanced and more expensive accordions on the market today.

This is a tremolo tuning accordion with 26 keys and 48 bass buttons. The accordion has 2 treble registers and 4 voices to use. This Hohner piano accordion also includes adjustable textile straps and a nice gig bag to keep it protected.

A Guide to Buying

What type of accordion should I choose?

There are several accordion types and sizes. Most accordions have two parts connected by the bellows : the right side (the melody side) and the left side (the bass side). On the right they have the treble keys used to play the melody lines. On the left accordions have the bass key and bass chord keys.  And there are 4 main accordion types available nowadays.

A. Piano Accordion

The most popular accordion is the piano accordion. On the right side it has piano keys usualy 25 to 41 keys and on the left side has the bass keyboard which is usually the Stradella system(12 to 120 keys), or one of the various free bass systems. Sizes are marked with the number of bass the accordion has got. From the smallest with 12 bass with 6 Root Notes and 6 Major chords to a little bigger ones with 24, 32, 40, 48, 60, 72, 80 and 96 bass systems, up to 120, 140 and even 160 bass accordion. There are also some hybrids with 111 bass systems and other combinations.

B. Diatonic Accordion

A very simple type of accordion that have a melody side keyboard which is limited to the notes of diatonic scales (1 row or two max). The bass side usually contains the principal chords of the instrument’s key and the root notes of those chords. Almost all diatonic button accordions are bisonoric, meaning each button produces two notes: one when the bellows is compressed, another while it is expanded.

C. Chromatic Accordion

On the right hand you have buttons which are arranged in the chromatic scale order on diagonals. There can be 3 to 5 rows of treble buttons. In a 5 row chromatic, two additional rows repeat the first 2 rows to facilitate options in fingering. There are different types of scales, most known are the B and C scale. The right keyboard is usually the Stradella system, one of the various free bass systems, or a converter system.

D. Concertina

A concertina is another free-reed musical instrument. It has a bellows and buttons typically on both ends of it on the sides. It is usually much smaller the a regular piano accordion and each button produces one note, while accordions typically can produce chords with a single button.

In a nutshell, go for piano accordion when you are beginner, you can explore other types once you master the instrument.

What size should I choose?

After deciding the type, you will need to decide the size of the instrument. Many keys means harder will be to play, so if you are a beginner you might consider a smaller instrument.

For example if you choose an accordion with Stradella bass system like a piano accordion or a chromatic one, for beginners a 24 or 48 bass keys are recommended. Also more keys means more reeds, more reeds means more heavy, more heavy means less portable.

The piano accordion with 120 bass and 41 treble keys is the full size model, the bass side offers a chromatic scale and all the chords, arranged in 6 columns of 20 buttons. The most popular size, and ideal for beginners, is the 48 bass, usually with 6 rows of 8, allowing accompaniment in the keys of Bb, F, C, G, D, & A. The treble keyboard on the 48, 32, and 12 bass models usually has 26 keys, enough for most tunes, but limiting for a pianist.