We all understand how crucial good strings are for a guitar. It doesn’t matter whether you have a good guitar if your strings are of poor quality. This is especially true when it comes to classical guitars. A faulty set of strings can easily spoil the tone and feel of a wonderful classical instrument. Thankfully, the opposite is also true: even if you have a low-quality classical guitar, if the strings are high-quality and fit your style, you can get a good sound out of it. Nylon guitar strings, like steel strings, come in a range of various configurations. The materials utilized in the strings, as well as their composition and tension, aren’t as extensively documented as the variables that contribute to the tone of a steel string. But no worries, we have done all the lag work and summaries the best 9 Nylon String Sets for you to purchase if you are beginner — you won’t go wrong with any of them.

D’Addario Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings

D’Addario Pro-Arte strings combine high quality materials with the unparalleled manufacturing consistency of D’Addario, creating strings that have the versatility required to play today’s advanced repertoire. To ensure that each string is made with precision, each nylon treble within a Pro-Arte set is laser measured to calculate diameter and tension levels to deliver pure intonation and tonality every time. Pro-Arte strings use a unique silver-plated copper winding on a proprietary multi-filament nylon core to create the basses to blend warmth and projection perfectly into one set. With the full set, players can achieve the balanced performance they are seeking.

Ernie Ball Earthwood Folk Nylon Ball End Set

For those that prefer converting a regular folk guitar into a nylon classical-style guitar, ball-end strings are the easiest solution. The 2069 Earthwood 80/20 Bronze String set by Ernie Ball is one of the most, if not, the most popular string set in this category. Ernie Ball Folk Nylon acoustic guitar plain strings are made of a solid nylon clear filament. Nylon produces rich pure treble tones with percussive attack. Ernie Ball folk nylon wound strings are made of 80/20 bronze wrapped around a multifilament nylon core. Overall, the set feels light, but it delivers stable intonation and consistent tone. That said, the Earthwound is the beginner-friendly ball-end nylon string that might suit your needs.

Savarez 540R Classical Guitar Strings

Put genuine Savages quality on your nylon-string guitar! This quality set of Savages Alliance HT classic 540R standard-tension strings features HT classic silver-plate-wound basses and kgf Alliance trebles. If you play nylon-string guitar, then you know how important it is to put the strings on it that fit you best. Do yourself a favor: choose genuine Savages guitar strings! Savages has been making strings since – believe it or not – 1770, so you know they’re doing something right. Savages Alliance HT classic 540R standard-tension nylon Guitar strings features at a glance: time-tested, premium-quality nylon strings HT classic basses, silver-plate-wound kgf Alliance trebles, carbon standard tension consistent playing feel.

D’Addario EJ45TT ProArte DynaCore Classical Guitar Strings

EJ45TT, normal tension, features Pro-Arté DynaCore basses and titanium trebles for the perfect blend of tone, brightness, and projection. D’Addario Pro-Arté DynaCore sets are constructed using our exclusive multifilament stranded core material with a revolutionary winding technique. The result is a truly unique and contemporary tone that is rich, round and full with dramatically improved string life, tuning stability and consistency. The included D’Addario Titanium trebles compliment the set with their bright and projecting tone for optimal balance across the set. Additionally, like all Pro-Arté trebles, each string is laser sorted for unsurpassed intonation consistency.

La Bella 820 Elite Flamenco Red Nylon

The 820 Red Classical Guitar Nylon Strings contain red nylon trebles and silver-plated wound basses. These medium tension strings are designed especially for Flamenco players. The 820 Red Classical Guitar Nylon Strings are perfectly balanced set that is by far the world’s largest selling set of classical guitar strings. Extremely reliable, they are responsive and can sustain the needs of today’s guitarists. 820 Elite – Flamenco, Red Nylon Guitar Strings Features Medium Tension provides superior strength and clarity of sound. Perfect for Flamenco Players. Silver-Plated Copper Wound Guitar Strings constructed with thick cores to produce full, deep, vintage tone Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness.

Hannabach 815 Silver Special Classic Guitar String Set

Hannabach’s history takes us back to Eger, Bohemia, where Anton Hannabach founded his company in 1869. The German brand have produced strings for thousands of classical guitarists in their time and still do to this day, 815 Silver Special is their best-selling string series, and it’s easy to see why – the multi-purpose set (which comes in tensions from super high to super low) features nylon precision-round trebles, with silver-special coated basses to deliver a consistent, superlative sound suitable for beginners to professional recording artists. Another very popular string in Hannabach’s range is the 725 Goldin series, which offer excellent quality, with medium-tension golden yellow super carbon fiber trebles and golden nickel-wound basses, offering a soft, warm, and long-lasting sound.

Savarez Classical Guitar Strings

The 500CJ  is another popular set. Is part of the Cristal Corium series. The lineup delivers trebles made of cristal clear nylon, plus silver-plated wound corium basses. These materials deliver a clear and focused sound. Also, they bring a complete dynamic range response. “CORUM” is a proprietary rectified material that mixes nylon and silver. It’s a technological advance Savarez has been improving for decades.  In particular, the set brings “Corum” silver-wound bass strings plus “Cristal” nylon trebles. This is also a medium set with thick gauges on the “thinner” strings (0.29-0.33-0.41). It also comes with high-tension. However, despite its high-tension, the playability is superb due to the proprietary materials. Also, the sound is very balanced from the 1st to the 6th string. 

Martin Guitar Classical M260 Nylon String

Martin Classical Acoustic Strings offer excellent tuning stability, designed to bring out your guitar’s true tone, these nylon guitar strings can be used for flamenco, traditional Spanish, classical, folk, and many more music styles. With normal tension 80/20 bronze ball ends, this set of strings is easy to install and play. Whether you’re a beginner classical player or a professional musician, these strings will help you get the right sound out of your guitar. With Martin Classical, you get a total set of strings designed for performance and playability. Martin guitars and accessories remain the choice for musicians around the world for their unrivaled quality, craftsmanship, and tone.

Augustine HLSETRED Classical Guitar Strings

Established in 1947, Augustine is one of the best-know string makers and particularly notable for creating the very first nylon string in 1948, as an alternative to animal intestine and silk. Their Classic Red medium-tension strings are one of their biggest sellers, and offer players sweet-sounding trebles with warm basses. Augustine’s Regal Blue high-tension strings are also popular, with a powerful, clear bass tone. As you would probably expect, many highly-acclaimed classical guitar virtuosos use Augustine for their recordings and performances, including Jorge Caballero, Scott Borg, Paulo Martelli, Gen Matsuda, and Eduardo Fernández.