Ukuleles come in four primary sizes. From smallest to largest, they are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Each varies in size and tonal range. Soprano, concert, and tenor ukes are all tuned the same way: G-C-E-A. This is known as standard tuning, which means that if you learn to play on a soprano ukulele, you will also be able to play a concert or tenor.​


The soprano ukulele is the smallest of the four types. It ranges from 16 to 21 inches in length. It is the type of ukulele that most people associate the tiny instrument with.


The concert ukulele is slightly bigger than the soprano ukulele. It is about 23 inches in length. The longer neck allows for more room in between the frets. The body is also bigger, which creates a louder sound.


The most popular size of the ukulele is the tenor. It is about 26 inches long. It has a deeper, more guitar-sounding tone. All other things being equal, a larger size will have more volume and bass than its smaller counterpart. This is why many players gravitate to concert and tenor ukuleles. ukulele-size-diagram by


The baritone is the biggest of the four types. It is about 30 inches in length. Essentially, it produces the same sound as the last four strings on an acoustic guitar. The tuning is different than the smaller ukuleles due to its bigger size. Baritone Ukulele is tuned D-G-B-E. This is exactly like the four highest-pitched strings of a guitar. Baritone ukuleles have the largest body of the four primary sizes, and their lower tuning gives them a lot of warmth and resonance. Apart from the four main kinds of ukuleles, you can often see some specialty ukuleles that are essentially hybrids with other instruments, they can be a lot of fun to play but may not be good choice if you are just starting out.

Banjo Ukulele(Banjoleles)

Like most ukuleles, a banjo ukulele has four strings and tuned exactly in G-C-E-A like a standard ukulele, but it has the body of a banjo. They’re commonly called banjoleles and are one of the most popular “non-standard” types of ukuleles. Banjo ukuleles are much brighter and louder than standard ukuleles. You can play standard ukulele music on a banjolele, but music written for banjo will not work with a banjo ukulele.

Guitar Ukuleles(Guitarleles)

A guitalele is a six-string ukulele tuned like a guitar. It’s the same as playing a guitar with a capo on the fifth fret. Most guitaleles have a baritone ukulele body size, they are great for guitar players who want to get that ukulele sound without learning a new instrument. They’re also great options for ukulele players wanting to tiptoe into learning guitar. Ok, we have covered majority types of acoustic ukuleles in the market, hope you find the article interesting and helpful, and best of luck on your ukulele learning!