A French horn is not only a challenging instrument to play but also difficult to understand when looking for your next purchase. The complexity and amount of time devoted in the building of the whole instrument makes it one of the costliest in the market, so getting a new one would take a lot of consideration, especially the money you are willing to shell out for one.

Choosing the right French Horn will depend on your expectations for the instrument, your skill level, and your budget. However, we’ve thought ahead and included options that present a tremendous value to anyone – whether they be just starting out, looking to move to the next level, shopping on a budget, or professionals looking for a top-of-the-line instrument.

Yamaha YHR-314II Student F French Horn

Yamaha student horns feature a wrap that provides more comfortable hand positions and smooth airflow. It’s lightweight and less complicated than double horns, ideal for new horn students. Key of F single. Taper of the mouthpipe improves response and intonation while the wrap allows a more comfortable hand position and smoother air flow. Nickel silver inner and outer slides ensure better fit and less chance of corrosion than brass. Tapered valves offer long life without air leakage. Rich warm tone, superb flexibility, easy response, and accurate intonation make it a great musical investment.


Holton H378 Intermediate French Horn

The H378 is bright, with a compact feel and sound. The yellow brass produced a higher tone color with more overtones for clearer projection. Capable of playing pianissimo staccato notes clearly and evenly. Holton Quality The H378 French Horn The H378 has similar playing characteristics to those of the H178, with a bright, compact feel and sound. Yellow brass produces a higher tone color with more overtones for clearer projection. Capable of playing pianissimo staccato notes clearly and evenly.


ammoon B/BB Flat 3 Key Brass Gold Lacquer French Horn

Ammoon is a well-known manufacturer of french horns and other wind instruments, and this is one of their most popular single rows split french horn models. They designed it with brass gold lacquer to give it a strong and powerful sound, and they designed this french horn to come with a complete package, which is perfect for those who are beginners. This french horn plays in the key of B/Bb Flat, and it is designed to be a three key french horn, which is recommended for beginning players because it is easier to learn than the four key french horn.


Monel Rotors Bb/F 4 Keys Double French Horn

This marvelous Moz Gold Lacquer Double French horn is perfect for students. It is designed and built for rich and warm tone, smooth rotary response, and weight balance for easy to perform. You will love Moz Double French horn’s fine craftsmanship and outstanding concert level sound. Moz instrument always offers our musicians better value and enjoyment. The mouthpiece included is also wider, which is better for providing enough air. As long as it’s lubricated well and that you care for it, it can last for a long time. Two thumbs up!


Mendini MFH-20 Single Key of F Brass French Horn

Mendini is known for their excellent quality of instruments, with the MFH-20 French Horn being one of them. It has the complete package, including the mouthpiece, a hard case, polishing cloth, gloves, and even a tuner with a metronome to get started easily. This is made of the yellow brass construction, crafted well and looks like it can hold up to at least a year of content usage. Plus, it has a 450″ bore for a responsive full bodied sound, a 12″ bell for optimum sound projection, 3 solid rotary valves for smooth key action, and lacquered finish.


Roy Benson RBHR302 Advanced French Horn

Yellow brass bell and body Gold brass leadpipe 3 valves with mechanical linkage and metal ball joints Nickel silver outer slides Light weight form shaped case with rucksack assembly. At last, an affordable quality student single French Horn in the key of F. With all the same features as more expensive brands, and the playability, this horn is perfect for any student. Features of this horn include a yellow brass body and bell, gold brass lead pipe, three valves with mechanical linkage and metal ball joints, nickel silver outer slides, and a lightweight form fitting case with back pack assembly.


Blessing BFH-1460 Double French Horn

The tighter Kruspe style wrap on our BFH-1460 Double French Horn offers a blowing resistance that is ideal for a developing hornist. European in inspiration, the BFH-1460 is easy to play. It is perfect for the diverse demands of the student horn player moving from band and orchestra into chamber music settings. The large bell throat gives the horn a balanced, even color and characteristic dark tone. The yellow brass bell plays with a vibrant sound that is consistent in all registers with excellent projection and clarity. Perfect for the beginning to advanced player, the BFH-1460 is ideal for a student’s first double horn or a school looking for a budget-friendly priced step-up performance level instrument.


Eastar Key of F Standard 3-Key French Horn for Students Beginners

Beautiful and uniform gold lacquer, dazzling and shiny, clean and transparent color with superb reflection. Amazing Timbre–EFH-380 is a very outstanding F French Horn,its sound is excellent and bright, penetrating, abundant and powerful, excellent vibration.This is the F single horn, sometimes simply called the F horn. Single horns like these are lightweight and less complicated than double horns, making them ideal for new horn students. Eastar EFH-380 is a single horn, making it lightweight and extremely responsive. And it’s pitched in F for a traditional warm French horn sound.