An electronic drum set can help you practice drums quietly, or expand your tonal palette to include more interesting sounds. What’s more, the best electronic drum sets – and particularly the ones in this guide – sound better than they ever have before. Because e-kits are so good now, they’re experiencing a big boost in popularity.

So in this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best electronic drum set for beginners, to many of us, buying a drum is a long-term investment, hopefully, with the help of this article, you will find the right drum for you.

Roland V Entry Electronic Drum Set (TD-1DMK)

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own set of mesh-headed Roland V-Drums, the impressively priced TD-1DMK is about to make your dreams a reality. This kit’s dual-layer and dual-trigger mesh snare and tom pads are quiet, lifelike, and responsive — built for a custom playing experience and equipped for late-night jam sessions. Cymbals that sway like the real thing and a bulletproof kick pad that’s wide enough for double-bass pedals tailor this kit to virtually any player.

The TD-1 drum module’s 15 preset drum kits are expressive and inspiring, with 15 play-along songs and onboard coaching tools to get you show-ready in rapid time. The TD-1DMK’s 1/8″ aux input lets you plug in and rock out to your heart’s content. MIDI over USB makes the TD-1DMK the engine to drive all your virtual instrument drum libraries.

Alesis Surge Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Mesh Kit

The all-new Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that includes everything the modern aspiring drummer needs to play like a pro. With a 10” dual-zone mesh snare and three 8” dual-zone mesh tom pads, plus an 8” mesh kick tower pad with pedal, experience the great feel Alesis all-mesh heads provide for a singularly natural playing response.

Three cymbals complete the package, providing a virtually unlimited range of playing expression: a ride cymbal, crash cymbal with choke function and hi-hat. Not only do the mesh heads deliver unmatched response and playability, the compact size means the Surge Kit goes where larger kits can’t.

Yamaha Electronic Drum Set, DTX402K

The DTX402 series was created to help beginning drummers build skills quickly through a fun, interactive experience. Its quiet design and improved pads create genuine playability and make practicing enjoyable.
The DTX402 series includes 10 kits, 10 songs and 10 training functions that cover popular genres of music. You can customize each kit with 287 high-quality drum and percussion sounds. On-board training functions are a great way to evaluate and improve your drumming.

The free DTX402 Touch app allows you to easily engage the module whether you’re editing kits, training or testing your skills, and the free Rec’n’Share app allows you to listen to your favorite music while recording high-quality audio and video with your phone or tablet.

Roland Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set (TD-1K)

Roland gives you another great electronic drumming solution with their TD-1K kit. The TD-1K answers the call of new drummers with its small, lightweight (around 25lbs!) frame and responsive playing pads, giving you a natural feel and great, versatile sound, in even the smallest of practice spaces. Fun and easy to use, the Roland TD-1K electronic drum kit will keep you playing lesson after lesson.

The space-saving TD-1K is a practical choice, fitting into the tightest living spaces with a stylish, modern look that lets life carry on around it. It is not just fun to play by itself—it’s also a great way to make music with your computer. Included is a built-in USB-MIDI interface, making it simple to communicate with music software via just a USB cable.

Roland Electronic Drum Set (TD-11K)

The Roland TD-11K is a compact, electronic drum kit. The quality of this kit means that it appeals to drummers of all experience levels, with expert drummers enjoying its feel and sound quality, while novice drummers will find it a breeze to learn and improve on. Added features like the COACH function are directly aimed at beginner drummers. But the intuitive, mesh-head snare will be especially appreciated by experienced drummers.

This impressive electronic drum kit is also highly portable, with the drum stand being designed to be easily taken down. It has been created to be the ideal drum kit for home practice. Affordable and easy to use, these new electronic kits are perfect for a variety of applications, including practice, teaching, recording, live performance, and more.

Alesis Eight Piece Drums Nitro Mesh Kit 

The Alesis Nitro Mesh is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit centered around next-generation Alesis Mesh head drum technology. Mesh heads are the overwhelming preference of drummers when they play electronic kits because of their natural feel and ultra-quiet response. The Alesis Nitro Mesh features an 8″ dual-zone mesh snare drum and (3) 8″ mesh toms.

It includes everything else you need to make a complete drum kit; (3) 10″ cymbals, custom-designed Alesis hi-hat pedal and kick pedal, and a durable 4-post aluminum rack. All the cabling, power supply and drum key are included for easy setup. All of this connects to the powerful Nitro electronic drum module with hundreds of percussion sounds, 40 different kits and 60 built-in play-along tracks.

Yamaha DTX522K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit

The DTX522K features our professional 3-zone cymbal pads, which can express a different sound in each of the cup, bow and edge zones. These cymbals have a good stick feel and low acoustic noise, which is essential for electronic drums when used for private practice. In addition to a very natural swaying motion, they also have the ‘choke’ function 360-degrees around the edge.

The powerful DTX502 module has a 32 note polyphonic tone generator, 691 Drum and percussion sounds, 50 preset drum kits from a wide span of genres, plus layer and import options. That’s almost twice the wave ROM and over 250 more sounds than its predecessor and features new drum and cymbal samples from top VST developers.

Alesis Eight Piece Drums Command Mesh Kit

Alesis has expanded its line of electronic drumsets by upgrading the mid-level Command series kit to include mesh-head toms in place of the previously used rubber pads, in addition to the mesh-head snare and kick. Despite being a budget-friendly kit, the Command Mesh setup doesn’t skimp on performance and features.

All of the drums have mesh heads, and the ride and crash pads have choke capabilities. The included Command Advanced Drum Module features seventy-four kits and 671 sounds. You can also build a full custom kit by loading in your own samples via a USB thumb drive. There are sixty play-along tracks within the module, and it has a built-in performance recorder, a metronome, and an auxiliary input so you can plug in and practice along to your own audio devices.