The audio mixer or as it is sometimes referred to, the recording console, is a piece of equipment that operates in a number of environments. It is used in recording studios and at live concerts. But, also in the broadcast of audio through TV and or film. Audio mixed is usually classified as analog mixer or digital mixer. Digital mixers, like their name implies, use electronic sound transmission to operate. This type is more expandable, meaning you can connect a greater number of external devices. Analog mixers work in the opposite way of digital mixers — this type of mixer uses analog sound transmission instead of digital sound transmission. Analog mixer is much easier to operate because they have only one function per control.

So today we’re going to look at the top 8 best audio mixers, some are analog mixers and some are digital mixers, your job is to decide which one you are going for, and we will present you the best options.

Mackie ProFXv2, 8 A-B Box, 8-channelHYBRID

The latest development in Mackie’s small format mixers, the ProFX series v2 sounds better than ever and supplies convenient features at every knob, fader, input and output. This is the ProFX8v2. It features 4 extremely low-noise Mackie Vita mic preamps designed to add life to any input, as well as the all-new ReadyFX effects engine with 16 great-sounding effects including reverbs, delays and choruses.

The ProFX8 offers a complete and truly professional feature set, perfect for solo performers, small performing acts or any small venue that needs it all, without the hefty price tag. They offer all the right tools to get the job done well, sport the popular compact footprint that Mackie is known for and are also the most budget-friendly of all the Mackie sound reinforcement mixers.

Behringer Xenyx 802 Premium 8-Input 2-Bus MixerANALOG

Simple sound calls for the simply superb XENYX 802, the Behringer mixer with everything you need to give an intimate setting incredible sound. The ultra-compact XENYX 802 mixer’s 8 Inputs (2 mic, 2 stereo + Aux Returns) allow you to effortlessly achieve premium-quality sound, thanks to the 2 studiograde, phantom-powered XENYX Mic Preamps and ultra-musical “British” channel EQ.

The 8-input, 2-bus XENYX 802 has two XENYX mic preamps with +48 V phantom power, making it possible to use 2 dynamic or condenser microphones. The 3-band British EQ is lauded throughout the sound engineering world for its warm, musical sound.

Behringer XR18 Digital MixerDIGITAL】

The revolutionary XR18 is a powerhouse 18 input/12 bus portable mixer housed in an extremely sturdy stage box design for use with iPad and Android tablets. It is ideally suited for both live and studio applications. Designed for the ultimate in mobility, the XR18 comes with an integrated Wifi module for direct control of your mixer’s functions – without the need to setup and configure an external router.

The XR18 gives you the freedom to focus on your mix, while allowing you to move about the venue to experience what every part of the audience is hearing. Plus you can adjust live monitor wedges from the artist’s perspective – or better yet, let them mix their own IEMs and floor monitors via their own tablets.

Yamaha Mg10Xu 10-Input Stereo Mixer With Effects【DIGITAL】

The MG10XU is the ten-channel version of the series, with four mono XLR and 1/4″ hybrid inputs along with three stereo line inputs. The MG10XU boasts an intuitive interface with capacities suitable for a diverse range of users and applications. For installed, recording, or live music settings, the solid construction and flexible design of these consoles lets you shape your sound with confidence, continually delivering peak performance and a level of sound quality and reliability that has made it a leader in its class.

MG Series mixing consoles feature Yamaha’s studio-grade discrete class-A D-PRE preamps, which utilize an inverted Darlington circuit comprising two cascading transistors in a configuration that provides more power with lower impedance.

Soundcraft Mixer – Unpowered, 12 + 2 channels (EPM12)ANALOG

The emphasis with the Soundcraft EPM is very firmly on quality build and audio performance, with an easy-to- understand control surface uncluttered by unnecessary facilities. Soundcraft has brought new technologies and ideas to this very cost-effective range. Surface mount technology is used throughout, using close-tolerance components for high accuracy and repeatable settings for EQ and gain controls.

The highly-transparent GB30 Mic amp (designed by Graham Blyth for the company’s 30th anniversary, and also used on the larger LX7ii and GB Series consoles) features high-resolution adjustment over a wide gain range of 55dB, and provides a stunning +22dB headroom through the console. True professional 48-volt phantom power caters for condenser microphones of all types.

Mackie, 12 Mixer – Unpowered (1202VLZ4)【ANALOG】

The comprehensive VLZ4 line delivers the proven feature set, high-headroom/low-noise design and ‘Built-Like-A-Tank’ construction that created an industry more than 20 years ago. From every input to every output, VLZ4 is optimized to deliver professional-quality results each and every time. From the 402VLZ4 which is perfect for desktop applications to the tour-ready 3204VLZ4 there is a VLZ4 mixer ready for any situation.

Mackie VLZ4 mixers are truly ‘Built Like A Tank.’ Show to show the VLZ4 is made to keep on working no matter what gets thrown at it. Features like a nearly indestructible steel wrap-around chassis and grime-resistant rotary sealed pots make the Mackie VLZ4 mixer a solid investment.

GoXLR – Mixer, Sampler, & Voice FX for StreamersDIGITAL

GOXLR is an all-in-one audio solution for streamers and online broadcasters. What would take dozens of pieces of hardware and software can now be achieved by one sleek and intuitive package. Mix your audio in real time, change your voice, playback samples on-the-fly, and engage your audience like never before.

With a 4-channel mixer, you can control the volume of all your audio sources in real time so you can keep your focus where it needs to be. GoXLR’s sound board and recorder can be used to riff on-the-fly samples or to cue bumpers for your podcast or just for fun! Use vocal effects that pros in the industry rely on every day, including: Reverb, Echo, Pitch Shift, Gender Bend, Robot, Megaphone and HardTune.

Audio2000’S AMX7342 Six-Channel Audio Mixer【ANALOG】

The Audio2000’S AMX7342 mixer is a truly user-friendly, yet pleasantly sounded, six-channel audio mixer. The AMX7342 is configured with all the essential mixer features. The capability of letting user connect a computer to the USB interface, the AMX7342 allows the user to coordinate this audio mixer with a computer to record and/or to perform the music replaying applications.

The AMX7342 audio mixer includes microphone and stereo line inputs for pro-audio applications. The built-in AUX SEND and RETURN jacks with SEND / RETURN level control knobs are the value-added features for the mixer. The AMX7342 audio mixer is configured with Gain, AUX, EFF, and PAN control knobs on each channel.